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ALCO Professional™ Reporter    Live field reporting applications

ALCO Professional™ STL
   High reliability studio quality IP    Audio Link applications

   Rackmount hardware codec

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ALCO Professional™ is a family of integrated IP audio SoftCodecs and Rackmount codecs designed specifically to meet the demands of the professional audio and broadcast industry. These products provide outstanding audio quality, low latency and high connectivity through public and private networks, even through firewalls.In fact these are reliable digital communicators offering Full Duplex two-way connectivity. ALCO Professional™, is based on ATC Labs proprietary low delay high fidelity audio compression and enhanced SIP technology.

ALCO ProfessionalTM comes in two flavors : ALCO Professional™ Reporter and ALCO Professional™ STL to cater the needs of the broadcast industry.

ALCO BLUE™ is our newest rack mountable IP Codec/STL based on our patented low delay high fidelity audio compression technologies.

This product is designed specifically to meet the challenges of the broadcast industry. It offers a no-compromise, high quality, low-cost, Internet based remote connectivity solution, providing outstanding audio quality with low latency and robust connectivity. ALCO BLUE™ can be used to bring a remote feed from anywhere in the world or it can be used as a STl and paired flexibly with the SoftCodecs in the ALCO family.

ALCO ProfessionalTM Reporter is an integrated IP audio Software Codec (Soft Codec) designed to be used by field reporters to transmit live onsite events for on air (OB) broadcast.

ALCO ProfessionalTM STL is an enhanced SoftCodec offering all the features of ALCO Professional Reporter with increased connection reliability, audio quality, and other features needed in a STL product. It is designed to be used for autonomous unattended operation as a no-compromise

It supports advanced features such as call recording (MP3/wav), text messaging, call hold, offline reports & file transfer. The messaging functionality is quite useful for sending instructions to reporters in the middle of an active broadcast. Multiple bit rate options - 32/64/128 kbps – are supported using ATC Labs proprietary perceptual audio compression technology: Audio Communication Coder (ACC).
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Internet audio link solution in a point to point or point to multiple application. It incorporates advanced software features like multiple parallel calls, the ability to feed multiple transmitters, mix multiple independent audio sources, audio processing and much more. Multiple bit rate options 32/64/128/192/256 kbps are supported using ATC Labs proprietary perceptual audio compression technology: Audio Communication Coder (ACC). The audio codec selection and bit rates can be changed on the fly without interruption.
Live field reporting or STL broadcast applications.

IP related applications requiring high audio quality.

Real time applications with low tolerence for Latency.

Cost effective solution.
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