Company Profile

ATC Labs was formed in 2004 as an audio and multimedia technology company to provide world-class technology components and products as well as to provide engineering and development services and resources to a variety of communications, software, hardware, and institutional customers.
ATC Labs is registered as a New Jersey Corporation under the incorporated name Audio Technologies and Codecs, Inc. ATC labs has established a Design, Test, and Development Center in New Jersey and a Software and Technology Development Center in Noida, India. The Noida center is being operated through its wholly owned subsidiary, Audio Technologies and Codecs (India) Private Limited. The skills of ATC Labs technical staff fall in five broad categories. These are:

  Audio compression and processing technologies.

  Video compression and processing technologies.

  Subjective audio and video quality evaluation including a network of trained subjects.

  Product realization expertise, such as code optimization and porting to DSP platforms, fixed point coding and assembly.

  Software development expertise such as C++, Java, HTML, PHP, JSP, Network Programming and Audio / Video streaming.

At present, the ATC Labs technical resources include about 20 engineers and an external network of trained subjects available for subjective quality evaluation pilots. ATC Labs has developed core expertise and technology in the area of audio and video signal processing which are embodied in its products and can also be utilized in developing customized products and services for its customers. Examples of ATC Labs core competency include :

  Detailed and physiologically accurate perceptual modeling for audio and video signals.

  Highly accurate tonal and harmonic analysis for audio signals.

  Audio preprocessing (noise reduction) and post-processing (bandwidth extension).

  Harmonic repair.

  Stereo / multichannel enhancement.

The offerings of ATC Labs are unique in that we can provide a combination of products as well as technology development, implementation, and testing services as part of a complete solution for a customer.

Management Profile

Dr. Deepen Sinha : CEO & President

Dr. Sinha has been focused in the area of audio compression technology for over a decade. He serves ATC Labs as the President. He has contributed to a numerous technical publications and is an inventor of over 20 awarded or applied patents. He has contributed to a numerous technical publications and is an inventor of over 20 awarded or applied patents. View More...

Dr. Anibal Ferreira : Chief Technology Advisor

Dr. Ferreira has been active in signal processing and audio processing research since 1988. He serves ATC Labs as the Chief Technology Advisor. He has published over 25 well received papers and is the inventor of 3 key patents in this area.View More...

Mr. Puneet Rai : Vice President Operations & HR

Mr Rai is working as Vice President Operations & HR with ATC Labs India. Mr. Rai’s association with ATC Labs India is more than 11 years, almost since incorporation of ATC Labs India. He is handling various operations at ATC Labs related to Recruitment, Induction, Policy Review & Implementation, Performance and Exit Management. View More...


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