Compressed audio often results in the loss of a number of key audio attributes such as audio bandwidth and stereo separation. Additionally, there is also a noticeable loss in the level of details and intelligibility and/or warmth in the signal. Due to the proliferation on the Internet of compressed bit rate reduced audio, coded using a variety of coding algorithms (e.g. MP3/AAC+ etc.) and bit rates, over which the listener has no control, it is becoming increasingly attractive to incorporate processing tools in the player which can ensure a consistent listener experience. Audio post-rocessing becomes even more desirable when playback is on a compact device like a tablet or a smart phone which entails transducer limitations further impacing listener experience. ATC Labs audio post processing API is based on its novel Perceptual SoundMaxTM high resolution 24-band audio processing technology and has unmatched processing prowess and range of contols allowing the listener experience to be maximized for any combination of compression algorithm, listening device, and the listening environment. It has been optimized in terms of low complexity and ease of deployment.

Licensing/Support :
For licensing details please Contact us at sales@atc-labs.com
For details on implementations on other platforms please Contact us at info@atc-labs.com

Publications :

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