Audio Bandwidth Extension Toolkit ( ABET )

Audio Bandwidth Extension Toolkit ( ABET ) - readymade stand alone toolkit to enhance capability of every low bandwidth audio encoder. The extended bandwidth gives that extra dimension to your audio which is usually lost in the dint of bandwidth constrains imposed on the audio coder. Be it either a sports commentary or a rock concert, to simply put it, the bigger the bandwidth the better the sound.

The multiple modes available in ABET supports myriad of bit rates based on user requirements starting right from 0 Kbps. This enhanced mode, blind bandwidth extension, is capable of recreating a wideband audio without adding extra information to the encoded audio bit stream know more…. higher modes add fine details to ABET for a better hi-fi recreation of audio. know more...

Applications :

Digital audio broadcast for high bandwidth channels like sports commentary, music stations, etc…
In multimedia applications like interactive game zones, mobile ring tone
Can be hooked with existing speech codecs for mobile phone applications
Online audio streaming and internet music downloads.

Features :

Multiple bit rates starting from 0 Kbps.
Offers a more accurate reconstruction of thesynthesized high frequency spectrum in comparison to previously reported approaches such as the Spectral Band Replication (SBR).
Presence of efficient and high quality coding tools for the stereo envelope allows ABET to function as the main building block of a parametric audio coding scheme offering accurate reproduction of stereo envelopes.

Listen it to here:

Licensing / Support :
ABET library APIs available for Windows platform
Available decoder implementation on ADSP and TI platforms
For Licensing Support Please Contact us at sales@atc-labs.com
For detains on implementations on other platforms please Contact us at info@atc-labs.com

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