New version Released with Built in 6-Band Audio Processing, Android & iOS APPs..

ALCO Professional™ is a family of integrated Bi-Directional IP Based Audio Soft Codec and is designed specifically to meet the demands of the Professional Audio and Broadcast Industry. ALCO Professional comes in three flavors - ALCO Professional Desktop, ALCO Android APP & ALCO iOS APP. This suite of products provide outstanding Audio Quality, Low Latency and High Connectivity through Public and Private Networks, even through firewalls. These APPs provide reliable Digital Communicators Offering Full Duplex Bi-Directional Connectivity. ALCO Professional™, uses ATC Labs in-house Customised & Optimised AAC+ Codec Audio Compression and Enhanced SIP Technology.

ALCO Professional™ is the sole product to cater the needs of the Broadcast Industry

    Live field Reporting or STL Broadcast Applications.
    IP Related Applications requiring High Audio Quality.
    Cost Effective Solution.
    Real Time Applications with Low Tolerence for Latency.
    Applications that need Mic Audio Processing & Automatic Gain Control.

ALCO ProfessionalTM
High Reliability Studio Quality IP Audio Link & OB applications
                  Android            iOS

ALCO Professional™ is an Integrated Bi-Directional IP Audio Software Codec (Soft Codec) designed specifically to meet the demand of the Broadcast Industry for a no-compromise Internet Audio link solution that provides CD-like Audio Quality with Low Latency and Highly Reliable Connectivity in a point to point or point to multiple application.
It uses ATC Labs in-house customised & optimised Audio Codec AAC+ that is recognized for its low coding delay and superior error correction, ALCO Professional can be used with existing 4G Wireless Internet System or Wired Internet & Hotspots. ALCO Professional™ can be used in form of STL or Station - Reporter Mode. STUDIO MODE allows for configuration of the parameters for each transmitter feeds such as source bit rate, audio level, and buffering. TRANSMITTER MODE configures the system to automatically answer when the STUDIO link is established and then maintain that dedicated connection. On the broadcast studios side the software can be configured in a host mode in which multiple reporters can be added to a single call and the host can individually configure the parameters for each reporter such as bit rates, audio level, and buffering.    VIEW MORE...


ALCO Professional

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ALCO Professional



ALCO Professional

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