Perceptual ACEHD is a high efficiency real time video encode server capable of delivering excellent HD quality video at impressively low data rates. Using our vast experience and know how in perceptual signal modeling, we have gone yet another step and developed an ultra efficient, real time video encoding engine, Perceptual ACEHD.

Perceptual ACEHD uses state of the art H.264 video codec optimized with ATC Labs propriety Perceptual Video Analysis Model for higher compression efficiency. It can help realize 40-60% savings in bandwidth costs for broadcast and VOD applications. The product is based on a professional grade high availability Dell server and is being offered in either a rack mount or a tower socket configuration. It is designed and tested for uninterrupted 24x7 operation. The video encode server takes real time HD/SD input either on a SDI or HDMI hardware interface and it can also optionally process file inputs stored onto your disk servers. The compressed video can be multiplexed with multiple audio encoding formats such as AAC, MP2, MP3 and ATC Labs proprietary TeslaPro codec. It allows both an autonomous operation and an enhanced GUI based operation with real time monitoring capability.

The real time video encode server can connect to your distribution server or your modem multiplexer for broadcast applications, through a unicast/multicast IP network interface; sending compressed MPGE2 TS stream in one of many supported protocols like UDP, TCP, and, RTP.

The output may also be optionally saved as compressed files in a container format like MP4, TS, or, AVI for subsequent distribution and experience by consumers. For VOD applications consumer can view the video using a freely available medial player like VLC or using available ATC labs enhanced media player.

Perceptual ACEHD delivers superior HD video quality at bit rates ranging from 2-5Mbps for 720p and 5Mbps for 1080p. In fact it offers high quality HD encoding at the bit rate of 1 Mbps (see sample videos)! The product provides excellent SD quality video at 198kbps - 512kbps or higher.

ACE - Mate Controller

Sample Videos Clips :

* For high bit rate HD samples contact the support team @ ATC-Labs
** These videos can be played using VLC Player. Click here to download

Highlights :
Excellent HD & SD quality using the power of Perceptual H.264 encoding
Real Time server based realization for 24x7 operation
40-60% bandwidth cost savings
Increase Profit With More Channels
Restore definition to HD at lower rate
Professional SDI and HDMI input interface
Output Unicast/Multicast, UDP, TCP, RTP support
Output to file and input from file capability
Multiple container formats: TS, MP4, AVI
Multiple audio formats: AAC, MP3, MP2
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Sample1@ 1Mbps   59.94fps Play Download
Sample2@ 1Mbps   59.94fps Play Download
Sample 3@ 2Mbps   23.98fps Play Download
Sample 4@ 3Mbps   30 fps Play Download

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