TeslaPro is a broadcast quality audio codec comprising of advanced audio and speech compression tools. It is being offered as an integrated codec operating in the range of 3-128 kbps. TeslaPro utilizes in-house expertise in auditory perception modeling and signal processing for its perceptually enhanced audio coding capabilities.

TeslaPro uses state-of-the-art coding techniques to encode complete bandwidth of the audio signal. With efficient coding techniques Teslapro achieves cd-quality stereo at bit rates as low as 40-48Kbps.

Listen it to here:

Licensing/Support :
Codec library APIs available for Windows platforms.
Decoders available 16-bit Fixed point implementation on ADSP and TI platform.
For Licensing Support Please contact us at sales@atc-labs.com
For details on implementations on other platforms please contact us at info@atc-labs.com

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