ATC Labs has developed an optimized Multi-Format Video Coding Engine (MFVC), which encodes raw input data to any other popular format of video. The engine decodes any format of video to raw format and also provides transcoding to any specified format using the built-in ATC labs video codecs. Optimization for speed & code compactness and perceptual quality is our key focus in the design of MFVC. It is being developed as an optimized C codec with a common core surrounded by format specific components and a common API to invoke any of the in-built formats.

Codecs Supported :
MPEG - 2
MPEG - 1

Technical Specification and Applications :

Optimized common library for encoding / decoding core.

Inter-format Transcoding Support : There is no single dominant compression technology for all applications / markets / scenarios. Some formats were adopted as they were simply the best available at the time as in case of H263 for video conferencing and MPEG2 for broadcast digital and DVD. The newer compression standards MPEG4 and H264 achieve much higher quality/compression ratios. The real-time conversion from encoded bit-streams in older standards to newer standard encoded bit-streams permits a more efficient storage and redistribution of media content. It supports MPEG-2 to H.264, H.263+ to H.264 transcoding and vice-versa.

Intra-format Transcoding Support : Modification of the characteristics of an encoded bit-stream without changing the format. The resultant encoded stream may have different characteristics, in that the video has different resolution, frame rate, bit rate, compression factor (quantization level) etc. Media content is distributed at pre determined bit rate determined by the limitations of the transmission medium.

Licensing/Support :
MFVC library available for Windows platform.
For licensing details of MFVC please Contact us sales@atc-labs.com
For implementations of MFVC on other platforms please Contact us at info@atc-labs.com

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