The  finest  sound  quality  in  industry.
   Professional  grade  Perceptual  SoundMaxTM  10  band  or  24  band  audio  processor.
   Integrated  AAC+  Encoders  optimized  with  the  psychoacoustic  profiles.
   Optional  use  of  ATC  Labs  ultra  reliable  content  delivery  network  (CDN)  powered  by  Amazon.
   Set-up  support  for  your  own  distribution  server,  when  not  using  ATC  Labs  CDN.
   FREE  universal  web  player  for  your  website,  plays  directly  from  webpage  on  all  devices.

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Audio Streaming Packages - Options
Proper audio processing and preprocessing for internet streaming is critical to the quality of sound and reliability of delivery. Perceptual SoundMax™ Q24 processors provide optimized preset audio profiles to match your content. Perceptual SoundMax™ provides both AAC+ and mp3 encoding so you are assured that every device can play your stream.


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