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OEM Solution

Model Q24Ser packs 20+ Perceptual SoundMaxTM processing channels into a single 1U/2U rack server. We offer an OEM server fully configured and tested with Perceptual SoundMaxTM software and suitable audio driver/hardware. Ideal for application requiring high rack density and processing of large number of audio streams at a central location. The full suite of our 24 band processing and noise reduction tools is applied to each audio stream. Each server comes equipped with advanced management software allowing for remote configuration and monitoring.


The full flavor of Q24Ser is also available as a software-only solution including Perceptual SoundMax StationTM and Perceptual SoundMax ManagerTM. These could be installed on your choice of server and audio drivers/hardware. Both these software are easy to install and thoroughly tested with a variety of hardware configurations and are designed to work out-of-box. Ones you configure and make a purchase, a download link will be emailed to you and you will be up and running in no time with the support of our engineering team.

Perceptual SoundMaxTM Serverware Solution includes a high functionality SoundMax ManagerTM which allows for elaborate Configuration, Control, Monitoring and Tuning of multiple servers connected to a network. The presence of one or more Perceptual SoundMaxTM Servers on the network is automatically sensed by the Manager running on any computer connected to that network. By using this manager, user has complete flexibility to configure and monitor the servers. The supported functionality includes the ability to add/delete/start/stop a processing channel, configure parameters specific to a channel such as I/O selection and preset profile selection, save and load server configuration and much more. Monitoring capability include global view of the server health such as active channels/any channel facing operational difficulties, cpu utilization and VU meters tied to the Input/Output of each processing channel. For a flavor of these functionalities click on the SoundMax ManagerTM image.

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The manager goes a step beyond providing full tuning controls for each processing channel. Clicking on the tuning button brings about a multiband tuning screen, allowing control over the internal processing blocks such as 24 band Dynamic Range Compression, WideBand Noise Reduction, Intelligent Loundness Control, Stereo Processing, Multiband Equalizer and audio sweetening tools such as Dynamic Listener Fatigue Reduction, Incoherent Component Suppression, Sibilant Frigitive Smoothing. The range of controls include more/less control related to each of these blocks and full control over numerous other parameters such as compression /limiting /expansion/noise thresholds and attack/release times for each of the 24 bands. Numerous real time parameters derived from the audio are displayed in multiband bar graphs to aid the process of tuning for optimal sound.

SoundMax ManagerTM
Profile Tunner

(4-24 Channels)

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Request to be contacted

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(1-24 Channels)

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