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Innovation is the key to success; our technology development team is aimed at solving any new challenge which arises in the ever growing multimedia market. ATC labs in the past have developed a spectrum of innovative products for our customers, ranging from developing a whole new product to implementing efficient algorithms for any existing design models.

Some of these products / concepts are listed below:
Audio Development :

Blind Bandwidth Extension : As the name suggests this tool is capable of converting a band limited audio to a wide band audio at no extra cost of coding bits. The idea is roughly based on some of the inherent properties of audio signals and also the human perceptual model of hearing.

Stereo Enhancement : A stereo audio sounds much better than a monophonic audio for any music signal. This tool enhances any monophonic signal to a stereo signal and in this process introduces spatial image in the audio to make the experience more pleasant.

A Multi Band Temporal Envelope Enhancement Processor (TEEP) : TEEP is an enhancement tool for music signal. TEEP protects the music from any sudden attacks and also makes the music more pleasant after processing.
Video Development :

Quality Enhancement Solutions:
Application Specific Support :
Rate control solutions for constant quality requirements for video storage applications or broadcasting applications or constant bit-rate requirements (CBR) as in case of encoding for streaming or internet based multimedia distribution purposes which can work independent of codecs employed and implemented in either one or two passes. Delay and buffering issues are also addressed in case of streaming and progressive downloads. 

Content analysis solutions for optimal encoding and playback of heterogeneous complex video sequences. It also allows optimal key frame selection besides better segmentation techniques.
Optimized custom solutions are offered for application specific problems like low bit-rate video coding for mobile and video conferencing applications.

Similar support is offered for HD encoding for storage and broadcast applications.

Real-time encoding/decoding solutions for different end-user applications.

Scalability issues (for SNR/bit-rate/resolution) are also supported.
Support tools for Video Pre/Post Processing :
Solutions are offered for de-interlacing, inverse telecine (frame rate conversion), aspect ratio and resolution conversions to match the end systems as in case of television broadcasts compliant to ATSC standard

Security solutions for multimedia content protection using Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Digital Watermarking techniques.