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Licensing/ Support :
H.264 AVC / H.263+ / MPEG - 2 API libraries available for Windows platform
For licensing details please contact us
For implementations on other platforms please contact us
H.264 AVC Codec :
H.264 Advanced Video Coding is a recent Compression standard jointly approved by ITU-T and ISO / IEC aimed at significantly improved compression performance compared to all previous video coding standards with substantial bit-rate savings (typically around 50%, for the same perceptual quality) and supports wide range of applications from very low bit-rates to very high bit-rates.

ATC Labs H.264 Codec complies with Baseline and Main Profiles of the specifications. The profiles are highly optimized for implementations
H.263+ Codec :
H.263 is a video coding standard developed by ITU-T to specifically address video coding for low bit-rate communication. H.263 has been adopted in several videophone terminals and standards like ITU-T H.324 (PSTN), H.320 (ISDN) and H.310 (B-ISDN). H.263+ refers to the second version of H.263 with enhanced features like improved compression performance, bit stream scalability, and better performance over packet switched networks among others.

ATC Labs H.263+ codec complies with baseline profile of the specification. To know more on application of our efficient implementation and licensing details navigate through the tabs below
MPEG-2 Codec :
MPEG-2 is an international standard approved by ISO / IEC and widely used as the format of digital television signals that are broadcast by terrestrial, cable, and direct broadcast satellite TV systems. It also specifies the format of movies and other programs that are distributed on standard storage media like DVDs.

ATC Labs MPEG-2 codec complies with low, main & high profiles of the specification and has been optimized for efficient implementation
Highlights :
Applications :
H.264 AVC
Fully Compliant with ITU-T and ISO / IEC standard recommendations.
Software Optimized for speed and Memory.
Novel optimal mode-decision for Prediction.
Novel optimal Entropy Coding / decoding.
Variable block-size motion compensation and Quarter pixel motion estimation
Adaptive integer block transform sizes
Baseline profile supports low bit-rate (96kbps for CIF and 48 kbps for QCIF at 15 fps with reasonable quality) applications for streaming and playback
Main / High Profiles support broadcast quality (1.5 mbps) applications to very high bit-rate HD applications for both progressive and interlaced videos.
Improved De-blocking filter and error-resiliency.
Supports wide range of resolutions (Sub-QCIF to 16CIF)
Handheld Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB, DVB-H)
Video-on-demand to Hand-held devices / PDA
Portable media player or jukebox (IPOD)
Networked Security / surveillance camera
Video Conferencing / Video phone
Mobile multimedia broadcast / multicast services (MBMS)
Baseline Profile :
Main / High Profile :
HD/SD Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial Broadcast / IPTV
High end media storage (HD DVD, BD ROM etc)
Home gateway terminals
High-end video conferencing
High-end gaming / entertainment ( XBOX, PSP etc)