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Choose the right SoundMax solution for your Broadcast Service
* All the processors are embedded with netcasting solution


View the health of the channel in the form of I/O VU meter and bar graph for multiple processing bands.

24 band dynamics processing.
Psychoacoustically Tuned.
Livelier, breathtakingly more detailed sound.
Automatic broadcast grade noise removal.
Novel Voice/Vocal enhancer.
Audio Sweetening tools.
Listener Fatigue Reduction.
Balanced Analog Input/Output.
Digital AES Input/Output.
Composite FM output.
Pilot/SCA/RDBS Multiplexing.
Second processing path with Digital output.
Front Panel full TFT control.
Model Q24 is a new rack mount 24 band audio processor offering performance and reliability demanded by rugged broadcast environments. Unmatched audio quality based on our latest research in Signal Processing and Psychoacoustics is combined with unmatched configurability for creation of a signature sound. Model Q24 product family is actually 3 products rolled into one - in additional to a breakthrough new 24 band dynamics processor, it incorporates a new broadcast grade wide-band background automatic noise removal product as well as a suite of brand new audio conditioning/sweetening tools into one box. It thus eliminates the need for broadcasters to place 3 or more separate products in their broadcast chain while still not being able to achieve similar audio impact. Enjoy and create an incredibly clean sound unaffected by phase distortions and other relics of a previous generation of signal processing. Model Q24 includes all standard inputs and outputs expected of a product of this class such as Digital AES I/O balanced Analog I/O, baseband composite FM outputs, SCA & RDS inputs, etc. It offers an attractive touch-screen interface for user control and is supplemented by sophisticated software that allow unsurpassed monitoring and tuning options using a networked PC based remote control. The product comes pre-loaded with multiple processing presets matched to different genres and allows the user to create and save as many custom profiles as desired. Based on the highest quality components, the product is meant for uninterrupted 24x7 operations for years with minimum maintenance requirement. FM broadcasters also have access to a pre-emphasis tool and a carefully designed look-ahead limiting tool.

See also, our Model Q10 line of 10 band processors!
Application Processing Bands Independent Streams Audio Distribution Price
Q10-1101 Low cost solution for Community/College Radio Station101 4$3000
Q10-1111 Radio, TV & Satellite101 4$3500
Q24-6111 Commercial FM with Composite o/p241 64 $6500
Q24-4880Multi-Channel & DRM 248 64$12000
Q24-2101 Radio Stations & Netcasters 241 8$4000
Q24-2202 Radio Stations & Netcasters 242 8$5000
Q24-2111 Radio Stations & Audio Distribution 241 48$4500
Q24-3101Analog TV241 64$5500
Q24-5111 Commercial FM, AM, DAB & Digital TV241 64$6500
Q24-5112 1+1 AM Radio241 64$6000
Q24-2101 $4000
Q24-2202 $5000
Q24-6111 $6500
Q24-4880 $12000
Q24-2111 $4500
Q10-1101 $3000
Q10-1111 $3500
Q24-5111 $6500
Q24-5112 $6000
Q24-3101 $5500
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