24 band dynamics processing.
Psychoacoustically Tuned.
Livelier, breathtakingly more detailed sound.
Automatic broadcast grade noise removal.
Novel Voice/Vocal enhancer makes the audio more natural.
Additional signal processing tools to make the audio more pleasing & less fatiguing to listen.
Supports digital Input/Output for Real Time or Offline Processing.
24x7 operation on a server/shelf PC using real time audio feeds.
Tested with variety of professional audio cards, analog and digital I/O.
Auto-restart feature, in case of accidental program termination.
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Model Q24Soft is a full featured realtime audio processing software specifically designed for audio production professionals, broadcasters and Internet radio. It makes sound livelier, crispier, detailed, cleaner, and louder, using our world class pedigree in audio signal modeling and signal processing algorithms. A two in one audio processing platform featuring both 24 band dynamics pre-processor and a new automatic noise reduction solution. High level of configurability and available unique audio conditioning tools make it easier for radio stations and other broadcasters to attract and hold listener’s attention. Moreover, it accomplishes this without introducing any distortion to the sound.

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Multiband Dynamic Compression is an integrated 24-band Dynamics Processor. Driven by the principles of Psychoacoustics, it employs completely linear phase signal processing. The integrated processing engine performs compression, limiting, expansion and noise-gating in a single processing block. Intelligent control over the operating points using a desired spectral balance or a signal-adaptive characteristics, is employed. To change the dynamic range in different bands individually, this module is provided with greater functionality than any other product available in the market. At the heart of the processor is a specially designed filterbank for generating an extremely detailed time-frequency representation of the signal.

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Multi-band Intelligent Dynamic Range Compression (DRC): High resolution 24 band processing using detailed time-frequency model.
Look ahead Loudness Management: Multiband Loudness Control.
Adaptive Wide-band Noise Removal: Automatic noise detection and two band filtering with optional color noise model.
Voice/Vocal Enhancement: Enhances speech in voiceovers and vocals in music using detailed harmonic analysis.
Sibilant/Fricative Smoothing: Automatically detects sibilants and applies configurable smoothing.
Envelope/Stereo Processing: Multiband envelope conditioning, envelope enhancement, stereo conditioning for reduced listener fatigue and a sweeter sound.
FM PreEmphasis: Available 50/75 micro-sec preemphasis tool with look ahead limiting.

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