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Welcome to the ATC Labs Small station resource page. Here we showcase our products that we feel are good for college and community radio stations. Our products allow stations to get up and running with very little configuration and achieve effective results, such as sound quality, which are no less compelling than larger commercial broadcasters. Our three main products for this category are our ALCO ProfessionalTM remote broadcasting software, our Q10 series of audio processors, and a complete Internet Radio Package.

Q10 - 1111/1101 Audio Processor makes broadcasting as simple as you need it to be with all the advanced options you want. It is a 2-in-1 product offering two complete 10 band audio processors in a single 1U rack-mount unit. One of the two independently configurable audio processing paths is for built-in internet streaming, while the other is set for on-air broadcasting.

Internet Radio Package Based on our Q10 family audio processors, this package comes with a free web based multi-platform player for embedding directly into your web page, requiring no additional apps or installations. This package also includes the optional use of our world-wide distributed, cloud based, CDN network. Attractive data packages are available for the CDN.

ALCO Professional™ Reporter allows remote events to be broadcast with ease. Its main function is a very high quality VOIP teleconference. This allows up to 6 reporters to be connected simultaneously for commentary as well as queuing. It also allows for files to be transferred and text chat between users.

ALCO ProfessionalTM is our integrated IP audio Software Codec designed to be used by field reporters to transmit live off-site events for on air broadcast.

Q10 - 1111/1101 is our line of ten band audio processors aimed at small radio stations such as college and community radio. It offers completely separate audio processing for its streaming and on-air audio.

It supports advanced features such as call recording in MP3 and wav, messaging via text, call hold, offline reports as well as file transfer. The messaging functionality is useful for sending instructions to reporters in the middle of an active broadcast. Multiple bit rate options from 32 to 128 kbps are supported using ATC Labs proprietary perceptual audio compression technology: Audio Communication Coder (ACC).
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Q10 - 1111/1101 is a cost effective, high quality audio processor that features Built in internet streaming. By being a 10 band audio processor it boosts the sound density and increases clarity, giving a much crisper sound. It makes the broadcast sound much livelier using vocal enhancements and noise cancellation, along with all the parameters you could want to modify. This unit can support analog and digital audio
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