Perceptual SoundMaxTM Q24Ser Serverware

48 x 24-Band Audio Processors, Encoders, and Streamers in a Single 1U Server

Perceptual SoundMaxTM is a unique high-density-high-resolution audio processing – and audio encoding/streaming solution – that packs 48+ audio processors in a single 1U server form-factor. Start with a few streams and then add additional streams on demand or start with 48+ streams out of the gate! The full power of Perceptual SoundMaxTM high-resolution24-band audio processing is independently applied to each stream allowing you to create a signature vibrant sound for each of your broadcast channels or Internet streams. This unique high-resolution completely linear phase processing algorithm combines latest in signal processing technology with our proprietary and unique know-how in psychoacoustics to create an unmatched audio processing engine. What is more is that a high quality encoder (HE-AAC and MP3) and streamer (HTTP/TCP/UDP) is integrated right into each of the 48+ streams to provide an incredibly compact high-performance streaming solution. Use it for on-air processing or streaming or both, the power is yours!

Multi-Server SoundMax ManagerTM

Perceptual SoundMax™ Q24Ser is supplied along with a high functionality SoundMax ManagerTM which allows for elaborate Configuration, Control, Monitoring and Tuning of multiple servers connected to a network. The presence of one or more Perceptual SoundMaxTM Servers on the network is automatically sensed by the SoundMax ManagerTM running on any computer connected to that network. By using this manager, user has complete flexibility to configure and monitor the servers and streams on each server. SoundMaxTM Manager goes a step beyond providing full tuning controls for each processing channel. Clicking on the tuning button brings about a multiband tuning screen, allowing control over the internal processing blocks such as 24-band Dynamic Range Compression, WideBand Noise Reduction, Intelligent Loudness Control, Stereo Processing, Multiband Equalizer and audio sweetening tools such as Dynamic Listener Fatigue Reduction, Incoherent Component Suppression, Sibilant Fricative Smoothing. The range of controls include full control over numerous other parameters such as compression /limiting /expansion/noise thresholds and attack/release times for each of the 24-bands. Processing profiles can be saved and instantaneously propagated across all streams and multiple servers.

OEM Hardware and Cloud Based Solution

Perceptual SoundMaxTM Model Q24Ser Q24Ser packs 48+ Perceptual SoundMaxTM processing channels into a single 1U/2U rack server. We also offer both OEM hardware servers - fully configured and tested with Perceptual SoundMaxTM software and customizable audio drivers/hardware, and cloud based servers configured with this software. OEM Hardware servers are ideal for application requiring high rack density and processing of large number of audio streams at a central location. The full suite of our 24-band processing tools is applied to each audio stream. Cloud based servers on the other hand are ideal large broadcasters or streaming service providers looking to minimize upfront CapEx and simplify maintenance.


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