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 ACC Codec – Low Delay

 TeslaPro Codec

 Audio Bandwidth Toolkit (ABET)

 ISR Parametric Multichannel Audio

 Sound Engine SDK

 H.264/H.263+/MPEG-2 Codecs

 Multi Format Video Coding Engine (MFVC)
 Perceptual SoundMax Q24Soft

 Perceptual SoundMax Q24

 Perceptual SoundMax Q24Ser
Perceptual SoundMax™ Q24 Internet Package demonstrated at BES EXPO 2015 **ATC Labs Integrates Digigram Sound Cards Into Attractively Priced High-Performance Audio Processors and IP Codecs
ATC Labs is a technology company focused in the field of audio codecs, audio processing, internet radio, and audio/video over IP communication. Through years of research, we have developed proprietary patented technologies that have advanced the art and science of audio codecs and processing to levels never seen before. Advancements such as the 24 Band Perceptual SoundMax™TM audio processor, that provides unmatched signal processing for broadcast or audio streaming, allow our customers to clearly move ahead of the competition in sound quality and implementation efficiency. ATC Labs prides itself in having unique and industry leading know-how in the field of audio signal processing and audio/video over IP communication and offers multiple products using these technologies.

Our portfolio of products includes 10/24 band Audio Processors, IP SoftCodecs, IP rackmount codecs, internet radio, optimized codecs for audio and speech enhancement or compression, video compression, as well as technologies for bandwidth extension, multichannel processing and audio effects. ATC Labs offers a collaborative engagement that allows for customization of any product(s) to meet the specific needs of our customers. No matter if you need processing for one or one hundred channels, we have the solutions. Our products and technology is already in use by some of the largest and most prestigious broadcasters in the world.Let ATC Labs find the right solution for your needs!
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